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Mesin Fotocopy

Mesin Fotocopy

Canon iR6000  iR5000  iR5020

  • Black & White Device
  • Prints at 60 pages per minute
  • Laser Printer
  • A3 Max Paper Size 
Canon IR6000 Description
The iR6000 a 60 A4 ppm. Digital System Solution that seamlessly integrates across networks. Multi-tasking Copier, Printer, and Scanner. Advanced architecture Utilizing expert embedded controller technology, the iR6000 system is designed from the ground up to operate as a truly multi-functional unit without single concept restraints. Thus the system is simpler to connect, monitor and control, while overall productivity and flexibility are also enhanced.

High quality, high speed
The iR6000 system delivers high image quality, high speed output for departmental printing and copying. This multifunctional role eliminates the need for dedicated machines, reducing investment outlay. It also offers greater flexibility for printing on different paper sizes, complete with finishing.

Superior image quality 
The iR6000 system offers 60ppm output speed with 256-level grayscale support. Taking image quality to the next level, it incorporates innovative image enhancement technologies to deliver an amazing interpolated printing resolution of 2400 x 600 dpi.

Personal Image Server 
It is possible to scan and store existing, hard copy documents onto the iR 6000 hard disk, using the Personal Image Server. These scanned documents are stored in a personal mailbox and can then be merged with documents processed on a PC. Thus creating a completely new document from two different sources.

Improved reliability 
Reliability is a key element of the iR6000 system, ensuring consistent and continuous output. This next generation digital system is based on Canon extensive experience and proven expertise in digital and imaging technology. Complete with the back up of Canon renowned service coverage.

Full, flexible finishing
 When the iR6000 system is configured only with an output tray, the image memory allows convenient electronic collation, with cross collated sets. A Finisher F1 is available offering a high output capacity of 2,000 sheets in sorted, grouped or stapled mode. Up to 60 sheets can be stapled in a single set. 

Canon IR6000 Additional Details 

  • Type - Console 
  • Imaging System - Laser dry electrostatic transfer system 
  • Fixing System - Heat Roller Fixing 
  • Image Server Memory - 128MB RAM + 5.1 GB HDD 
  • First-Copy Time - Approx. 3.8 seconds 
  • Warm-Up Time - 5 minutes or less 
  • Originals - Paper sheet, books and three dimensional objects up to 2kg 
  • Maximum Original Size - A3 
  • Copy Sizes - Cassette A5 to A3 Manual A6 (postcard) to A3 
  • Resolution - Scanning 600 x 600dpi Copying 1200 x 600dpi Printing 2400 x 600dpi 
  • Halftone - 256 levels 
  • Engine Speeds - 60ppm A4, 30ppm A3 
  • Magnification - Zoom 25% -400% (1% increments) Multiple Copies/Prints 1-999 
  • Paper Supply - Cassette 550 sheets x 2 Drawer 1500 sheets x 2 Multi-hand-feeding 50 sheets Optional paper deck 3500 sheets ADF 100 sheets A4 
  • Paper Weights - Standard cassesttes 64 to 200gsm Cassette 3&4 64 to 80gsm Paper Deck (Drawer) 64 to 200gsm Hand feeding 64 to 200gsm 
  • Dimensions - 643 x 743 x 1136mm (WxDxH) 
  • Weight - 210Kg 
  • Accessories - Finisher F1, Saddle Finisher F2, Puncher Unit A1/C1/D1, Shift Tray B1, Side Paper Deck G1, Control Card, Document Tray C1, PS/PCL Network Printer Kit A1
Informasi Lengkap Telp SMS WA 0813 2109 0668
Harga Baru Rp.- sudah tidak produksi
Harga Rekondisi Luar Rp.30.000.000,-  Grade A
Harga Ex Rental / Lokal Rp.17.000.000,- s/d Rp.20.000.000,- (Disarankan/wajib survey barang)


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